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Company Profile
Enterprise Culture
Changzhou New Haifei metal product Co., Ltd.
Address: Hexing industry park, Weicun, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei district, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, PRC
Tel: +0086-0519-85713616
Fax: +0086-0519-85719602

General Manager: Changming Geng
Tell: 13906115791
Sales department
Guisheng Li
Tell: 18661238989
Enterprise Culture
Integrity and transparency
  • Integrity should be the foundation of all decisions and practices in New Haifei.
  • In internal relations, transparency, a source of confidence between all New Haifei staff, requires a rapid flow of clear and objective information.
Standards and professionalism

  • High standards and professionalism are at the root of New Haifei’s success in a global market that daily demands better performance. These values are the bases of its ambition of sustainable growth.
Performance and responsiveness

  • Satisfying internal and external customers is the key to New Haifei’s long term success.
  • It is based on continuing innovation, and the quality and performance of New Haifei’s products and services.
  • It requires responsiveness to address changes in markets. New Haifei continuously enhance their own ability to adapt, to improve their competitiveness.
Respect for people

  • Respect for men and women, their dignity, diversity and the variety of their cultures is at the heart of the commitment, which is one of New Haifei’s fundamental values.
Joint commitment

  • All New Haifei personnel jointly contribute to the Group’s development. This common aim is based on unity, fairness, listening, a sense of responsibility and teamwork.
New Haifei principle for action
As regards customers

  • New Haifei pays attention to meeting the needs of its customers by having time for them, listening to them and showing initiative.
  • New Haifei is committed to supplying quality products and services to its customers and constantly improving its technologies and methods with a high standard of innovation and safety.
As regards suppliers

  • New Haifei strives to develop a relationship of confidence and partnership with its suppliers in order to best satisfy its customers’ requirements.
  • Taking the interests of all into consideration and complying with fair contractual terms are the bases of relations between New Haifei and its suppliers.
As regards employees

  • Application of national laws and applicable international agreements;
  • Respect for human rights and fundamental universal principles that protect employees’ dignity, respect and freedom;
  • A secure, healthy working environment ensuring the physical and mental integrity, health and safety of employees, which remain an absolute priority;
  • The right for employees to associate and take part in collective negotiations;
  • The use of permanent staff in numbers appropriate to the ongoing level of business, vocational training, compliance with regulations on working hours, staff participation in a process of continuing progress, fair, motivating pay policy.
As regards the environment

  • New Haifei strives to respect the environment and operates with sustainable development in mind.
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Company Profile
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